What is Culinarchs?

he art of Culinary Architecture and scope of Culinary Architects are clubbed to form the concept of CULINARCHS. CULINARCHS itself is an innovative concept with which we do innovative Food trends and technology management. It is one of its kind where Gastronomical information is used while engineering a Food service outlet and Kitchens. Culinarchs design the entire system of Food & Beverage production & service from ground level till guest service extent. This happens when a Chef takes the role of an Architect, an Engineer and the complete concept designer. Culinarchs have an organized system of Chefs, Consultants, F&B Managers, Project Managers, Engineers, Architects, Masons, Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Artists, Fabricators and Creative thinkers.


Culinarchs is a one stop for every purpose, when it comes to designing, constructing, marketing, promoting, developing, organizing and managing all kind of places where any kind of Food & Beverage is involved. Over the period of time, every culinary expert´s requirements and demands were unable to meet by the designers and fabricators of kitchens and restaurant. That is when Chef Bala decided to indulge himself to design his own kitchens as per the chef´s standards and restaurant service professional´s standards so that there is an extreme ease in ergonomics during the food production and service.

Every product of Culinarchs will be a Chef´s own Kitchen, Guest friendly and Staff friendly Restaurants, Product friendly Food production and processing units and so on. Culinarchs will provide a one stop solution for any range and size of food and beverage production, processing and service business, with a stress free consultation, management and contract support all through.

Chef Bala shall also provide one sitting for any general food business consultancy for free of cost, whether entering into the business / contract is immaterial.

Culinarchs will also guarantee to reimburse the cost incurred for the consultancy, indirectly through one way or the other by saving your investment on capital or giving business or leas and best cost on equipment or any other means possible.

What will Culinarchs do?

Culinarchs do any kind of Food Production & Service Project from ground to gravy. Concept - Budgeting - Architecture - Engineering - Consultation - Construction - Civil - Mechanical - Electrical - Plumbing - Carpentry - Equipment - Furniture - Interior - Project - Menu - Staffing - Purchases - Sourcing - Training - Marketing - Systematization - Analysis - Accounting - Formalities - Registrations - Promotions - and a lot more.