His Profile

Balamuruhan.L, Age 39,
Door No 1,
Kambar Street,
Chennai - 600073.
Mobile: 9677139219
Landline: 044-22780400

His Career History:

- Restaurant Designer

- Interior Designer

- Kitchen Architect

- Layout Planner

- F&B Analyst

- Culinary Consultant

- Brand Creator

- Brand Promotor

- Project Chef

- Pastry Chef

- Bakery Chef

- Section Cook

- Chef Trainer

- Bartender

- Waiter

His Culinary Achievements:

- Artistic Pastry Chef Award By WACS, IFCA & SICA

- Best Kitchen Performer Award By Hilton Hotels

- Best Patissier Award By Carnival Cruiselines, USA

- Excellence Award By Forte Hotels, Asia Pacific

- Best Class Performance B.Sc. Hotel Management

- Best Professional Award By Le Meridien Hotels

His 23 Year Ventures:

- Carnival Cruiselines, USA

- Aida Cruiselines. EU

- Le Royal Meridien Hotel

- The Residency Hotel

- Hilton International

- The Carlton Hotel

- Quality Inn Sabari Resorts

- Quality Hotel Sabari Classic

- Gourmet Chefs Company

- The Rock Restaurants

- Culinarchs & More

His Culinary Passion:

- Appetizers & Salads,

- Soup, and Sauces,

- Roasts, Grills & Barbeques

- Indian Cuisine

- Italian Cuisine

- Mexican Cuisine

- American Cuisine

- Oriental Cuisine

- Patisserie

- Bakery

- Pizzeria

His Technical Qualifications:

- B.Sc. Catering Science & Hotel Management, Coimbatore

- Master Of Tourism Management, Madurai

- Safety & Survival Techniques STCW �95, Chennai

- USPH Regulations, Carnival Cruiselines, USA.

- Train the Trainer Course, Carnival Cruiselines, USA

- Basic Safety Training, Carnival Cruiselines, USA.

- Crowd Management Course, Carnival Cruiselines, USA

- Man Mangement Course, Le Meridien Hotels

- Culinary Course, Carnival College, USA

- Architecture & Interior Designing Course, Chennai

- Basic Course On Chief Architect & AutoCad

- Adobe Photoshop Complete Certification Course

- Desktop Hardware & Software Construction Course

His Exposure:

- Director of Culinarchs, The Culinary Architects

Dealing with the architectural aspects of Food Service Trade

- Director of Gourmet Chefs, Restaurant Management

Dealing with the operational aspects of Food Service Trade

- Director of Projects, The Rock Restaurants, Chennai,

Planning, Designing and project execusion of 4 theme restaurants

- Worked in the Culinary Development Team of Carnival Cruiselines

In total of 7 worked ships, 4 were pre-opening & inagural projects

- Created and Promoted various Culinary Brands and outlets

Bread Rolls, Celebrity Chefs, The Rock, The Cave, Gourmet Chefs etc

- Le Royal Meridien, Chennai, Culinary Team Project and Operatinns

Worked for Cilantro, Navratna, Kayal & Gourmandise

- Hilton International Hotel Chennai pre-opening Culinary Team

Worked for SOP, Kitchen training Programs & Developments

- The Residency Coimbatore, Inagural Culinary Team

Worked with Chef Raju Philip, Chef Manohar & Chef Ashok

- Sabari Hotel Project and Pre-Opening Culinary Team

Worked with Chef Ashok & Chef Pradeep Krishna

- Sabari Resorts Project and Pre-Opening Culinary Team

Opened a Kitchen, a Restaurant and banquet hall

His Attributes:

- Restaurant & Kitchen layout & designing skills

- Space Management & ventilation aspects

- Lighting & Air handling unit specifications

- Caryyout F&B Outlet project from the scrap or renovation

- Food & Beverage trade analysis & forecasting

- Kitchen Equipment Designing & Utensil checklists

- Resolving & Advisory consultancy in Food Service Induastry

- Complete furnishing ideas, carpentry plans & fabrications

- Interiors, Arts & Artifacts sourcing and erection

- Menu planning, designing and presentation

- Complete Tableware plans as per the Menu & Cuisines

- Licensing procedures, billing & banking formalities

- Telecom and Marketing aspects of the trade

- Plumbing, Electrical and Gasline plans

- Restaurant theme, balance and projection planning

- Food & Beverage Staff Sourceing and employment

- Raw material sourceing, Purchaseing and Indent procedurings

- SOP formulation and Budgeting consultations

- POS software sytematisation consultations

- Specialized in every possible cuisines & culinary techniques

His Words:

I myself, Balamuruhan.L look forward to render my formally organised Culinary Archiectural Service for your business plans. Thank you.

With regards,

Culinarchs - The Culinary Architects